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Your Brain

by Cynthia Sherwood

You may not realize that you have a boss, just like adults do
at work. But when it comes to your body, your brain is your boss! It
is in charge of just about everything you do. When you remember what you ate for breakfast,
you use your brain. When you jump up and down, you use your brain. When you draw a picture,
you use your brain. Even when you are dreaming, you use your brain.
The brain looks like a wrinkled, wet sponge. In adults, it weighs only about three pounds, but
it is made up of billions of nerve cells. These cells send and receive electrical signals that direct all
oout 70-thousand thoughts. No wonder your head hurts when you have too much homework!
f your body’s activities. Sometimes, like when you are learning at school, you know you are using
your brain. Many times, though, your brain controls your body without you even thinking about it.
The “brain stem” takes care of things your body does automatically, like breathing air, pumping
blood, and digesting food.
The biggest part of your brain is called your “cerebrum” (suh-ree-brum). This is the thinking
part of your brain. It controls your memory, the movements you choose to make, your ability to
figure things out, and your imagination. The cerebrum is made up of two halves. It may sound
mixed up, but the left side controls the right side of your body and the right side controls your left
Even your feelings come from your brain.  Scientists think emotions are controlled by a part
of your brain called the “amygdala” (uh-mig-duh-luh).  It is shaped like an almond and is only an
inch long. So next time you get in a bad mood, you can blame it on your brain.
You should be glad you have a human brain. It is very complex, which means we can think
in different, more complicated ways than other animals. In fact, every day your brain produces
about 70-thousand thoughts. No wonder your head hurts when you have too much homework!

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